7 Bandits – The Darkest Of Dreaming

7 Bandits - The Darkest Of Dreaming


  1. The Darkest Of Dreaming


  • 2007


7 Bandits – The Darkest Of Dreaming (Archive.org)


Ambient, Drones, Moviescore, Radiowaves

The Darkest Of Dreaming

The third album by 7 Bandits headed by label co-founder Zero V further explores the 7 Bandits concept. There’s more of a coherent sound now, featuring Zero V and remixer DJ PulseID. The 1 track album is entirely instrumental (given the traditional 7 Bandits treatment of layers of echo, reverb, and phasing), which is pleasant enough and memorable.

The track continues the debut’s trend of intriguing and fascinatingly drones, ranging from the heavy use of the Moog and radiowaves to distorted drums, apparently from the bottom of a very deep well. Each of them integrated in the unique 7 Bandits style.

Influences to be noted are Nine Inch Nails, Cocteau Twins, Boards of Canada and This Mortal Coil.

The album is more focused than A Flock of Dream Tokens. The Darkest of Dreaming is an inspired follow-up.

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