Boy In Trouble – b.i.t.

Boy In Trouble - b.i.t.


  1. Visions
  2. B.I.T.
  3. Dice
  4. Soft Bullets
  5. The Sun and The Moon
  6. Earth


  • 1989


Boy In Trouble – b.i.t. (


ambient, acid, noise, electro, techno


Henk’s first solo album as Boy In Trouble, entitled ‘B.I.T.’.
The album consists of 6 drone-based instrumental songs, this album has remained a firm favourite of Henk’s. Released in 1989. All aspects of the recording were handled by Henk.

Transferred from tape to hard-disc, it took Henk several nights to polish the original recordings so that they’re worth publishing (2005 remastered).

“Doubt rented a room at fear’s place, somewhere back in the dark alleys of a man’s brain. Just now and then popping out to do some shopping…” is what I recollect from those sessions.

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