Boy In Trouble – Visions

Boy In Trouble - Visions


  1. Next
  2. Authentic
  3. Gateway To Civilization
  4. 3 Little Birds
  5. Kettel Harbour
  6. Electro Magnetic
  7. Uncut
  8. Visions
  9. Dice
  10. 3 Little Birds (Brothers in Flight Mix by AVOaW)
  11. Earth
  12. Pimpin
  13. Boy In Trouble vs. Practitune – 3 Little Birds (Cage Mix)


  • 2016


Boy In Trouble – Visions (Tanzmusic)

Released by


Electronic, Downtempo, Old School, Downbeat, Minimal, Techno, IDM, House, Acid, Ambient, Experimental, Avant Garde

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Is Boy In Trouble a band or just one person?

The music: 80s electro sound, post-dub bass, narrative/old school samples and blues…
it features the three “R”s: rhythm, raw, and relaxation.

Major kudos to Zero V and G for creating BIT’s most accessible works.

The boys were able to capture the sound that made Boy In Trouble unique in the 90s.

All aspects of the recording were handled by Zero V.

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