Metamorphosis-Van Damage Experience

Metamorphosis-Van Damage Experience


  1. Van Damage Experience (Intro)
  2. Amsterdam (Mr. DeVo! Mix)
  3. London (Straight Component Mix)
  4. Capetown (Volvo Motorboys Mix)
  5. Dubai (The Wipkip Society Mix)
  6. Ibiza (Mongrel Mix)
  7. It’s Okay (Straight Component Mix)
  8. The Office (Spoiled Egg Mix)
  9. Miami (Final Version)
  10. K.D. (Practitune Mix)
  11. The Cars (The Radiator Mix)
  12. All Taken Care Off (Short Mix)


  • 2008


Metamorphosis – Van Damage Experience


Trance, Club, Techno, House, Techno, Hardhouse, Industrial, Electro, Drum and Bass

Van Damage Experience

Metamorphosis is founded midst 2006.

Metamorphosis are a bunch of guys who have well earned their marks in the music industry. They started their collaboration after having a severe encounter with a fraud, hence; ‘Van Damage Experience’ as the title for their first release.

Getting back from their journey through dark alleys and other obscure places, you wouldn’t sent your worst enemy…they have recorded a new style of dance music. Hard to grasp, hard to put a label on…

Fuelled by their frustrations of lost promises, persistent in making a statement these guys are in touch with their dark side and decided to translate this into music. Leaning on strong drum and bass lines they have created a sound to get even with this fraud – Kevin should come out of the closet!!!

Where most people would hire a lawyer, they are on the verge of a perfidious act without being shilly shally and they CAN perceive the perdition!

They invited a few ON-Mix artists to make a remix of their songs.
This is the result.

The members of Metamorphosis are:
Zero V

The original tracks are composed and produced by Metamorphosis.
The mixes are produced by Mr.DeVo!

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