Natashas – Old School

Natashas - Old School


  1. I Want U
  2. Destiny
  3. Love 4 U
  4. Most Girls
  5. Deep End
  6. Pink
  7. Interlude
  8. So Good
  9. Old School
  10. Stabbing
  11. Come 4 U
  12. Ease On Out


  • 2006


Natashas – Old School (


club, disco, dance, old school, lounge, electro, clubhouse, pop, groove

Old School

G’s credentials as one of the most distinctive producers in music are untested from the evidence of Old School, and it includes some of her best tracks.

Even while spinning a hooky track capable of succeeding in a 30-second advert or a video-game sountrack, G is able to coax the most amazing sounds — electric pianos that sound like none you’ve heard before, distorted basslines with more grit than any you’ve heard, multiple point-precise effects lines working in tandem like gears in a Tag-Heuer.

Perhaps realizing that it always helps to dip a toe in different waters, she also uses some great collaborators: two-thirds of Old School is more than enough to pull off an excellent club joint on most tracks Zero V lends some authority to the twisted sound on the album and DJ PulseID puls some remarkable tricks from his sleeve.

Of course, G doesn’t need a guest feature to brilliantly reference a left-field style of dance music. Nearly every artist on ON-Mix can crossover to the electro scene without even thinking about it (or, as happens more often, thinking too much), but it’s the rare figure who can also hit the street level of an up-to-the-minute style with a mere twist on her trademarked sound.

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