Zero V – Eat Me

Zero V - Eat Me


  1. Come and Play
  2. Isles Of The Blessed
  3. Eat Me
  4. Indian Summer
  5. An Old Haunt
  6. At Ease
  7. Concrete
  8. Word and Days
  9. An Evening In October
  10. Only Fools
  11. Freaky and Funky
  12. Twinkling
  13. Heaven
  14. Phoenix
  15. Ships at Sea
  16. Morphed
  17. Baka Beat
  18. Fluidity
  19. Notch
  20. Padding (Electro Mix)
  21. Toned
  22. A Winters Day
  23. The Journeyman Joiner


  • 2016


Zero V – Eat Me (Tanzmusic)

Released by


ambient, soundtrack, electronic, downtempo, experimental, nu-jazz, neo-soul

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Eat Me

Zero V, known as Henk van der Duim, has been a busy producer since 2005 when his first release came out on

His music ranges between soul, ambient, jazz and chillout and often brings it all together.

Zero V produces original and interesting ambient & jazz music.

Zero V uses instruments and sounds to create his own emotive ambient music.

This music is not for every taste, but fans of Zero V and ambient & jazz music will find this to be a treat.

Working with a guitar loop and layers of synths and some detuned drums, he creates a wonderful piece of music. Part 1 (track 01-Track 13)

The music: Jazz, Nu jazz, Freestyle, etc. Part 2 (track 14-Track 23)

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