Zero V – Nameless (EP)

Zero V - Nameless (EP)


  1. Concrete
  2. Think
  3. Padding (Electro Mix)
  4. Nihilism (DJ Pulse Edit)


  • 2007


Zero V – Nameless (EP) (


Electro, Electronic, Acid, Drone, Chill, Lounge, Down-tempo, Disco


A fusion of ’90s electro and its requisite Twin Peaks fixation with the hilarious concept feel of a Parliament-Funkadelic LP, Nameless sees Zero V on a continuing mission to “publish whatever possible!” Included are remixed versions of demo tracks from his unpublished album ‘To Dance or Not To Dance’ and new tracks which make up for a slight lack of ideas of the re-release of ‘Leaves of Grass’. “Think” works around the drone from a moog and the occasional radiowaves are spot-on.

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