Zero V – Travelling (A Collection)

Zero V - Travelling (A Collection)


  1. Concrete
  2. A Tourist In Hometown
  3. Agree To Disagree
  4. Nodal Points
  5. Twinkling
  6. Aquarian
  7. The Journeyman Joiner
  8. Indian Summer
  9. Heaven
  10. Tizzmania
  11. Phoenix
  12. Padding (Electro Mix)
  13. Bell Zouki


  • 2007


Zero V – Travelling (A Collection) (


ambient, chill, downtempo, minimal, jazz, world

Travelling (A Collection)

A new album by Zero V; Travelling (A Collection). A compilation of his favourite songs, recorded of the last few years.

All songs have been remixed and 2 songs where recorded entirely again.

“It’s a closure for me, which means I can move on towards the things I really want to do.” Zero V said. “A shift in projects, Zero V will become my more jazz/world oriented soundbase, whereas 7 Bandits will create the more experimental music and Notorious Twins and Boy In Trouble will generate more uptempo dance material”.

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