Zero V – Freaky and Funky (EP)

Zero V - Freaky and Funky (EP)


  1. Don’t Rush
  2. Only Fools
  3. Come and Play
  4. Freaky and Funky


  • 2010


Zero V – Freaky and Funky (EP) (


Nu-Jazz, jazz, Funk

Freaky And Funky

Instrumentalist Zero V is in excellent form playing, recording and producing the exciting follow-up to “The Hard Changing of the Seasons”. More mellow than its predecessor, but more experimental exploring the boundaries of the NU-Jazz phenomenon.

The EP kicks off with a mellow jazz track called “Don’t Rush”. Followed by a more funky track “Only Fools”.

The third track “Come & Play” consists of a dominant role for the horn and his old rhodes.

The last track “Freaky & Funky” is where the experiment kicks in. Working with a guitar loop and layers of synths and some detuned drums, he creates a wonderful piece of music.

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