Nostalgia Rhythm Orchestra – At The Rave

Nostalgia Rhythm Orchestra - At The Rave


  1. At The Rave
  2. Classic Non-Original
  3. Boy Stance
  4. Final Frontier
  5. Meanwhile Back In The Jungle
  6. Megabob
  7. Phat Jungle
  8. Raw Deal
  9. Steptime Orchestra
  10. The Abyss


  • 2009


Nostalgia Rhythm Orchestra – At The Rave (


electronic, acid, monotone, disco, club, dub, old school

At The Rave

Debut release by Nostalgia Rhythm Orchestra, a duo from Norway.

Initially they were working on an EP, but when they hooked up with Zero V and DJ PulseID it rapidly became an album. Packed with beats, acid sounds, club and dub influences. The odd 80s sound is passing by as well.

Uplifting and uptempo.

Produced by Zero V & DJ PulseID.

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